Event Management System with OMD - Optimize My Data

Event Management System with OMD

Built for the events of today—and tomorrow. Everything you need to craft impactful event experiences all while staying technologically relevant, now and always.


  • Create a comprehensive event management system called Zoho Backstage.
  • Streamline the event planning process.
  • Provide a customizable event website and diverse marketing tools.
  • Facilitate audience engagement and networking.


  • Create a ticketing platform with support for various payment options and instant payouts.
  • Implement omni-channel marketing tools, including customizable event website and email campaigns.
  • Enhance audience engagement through session interaction tools and networking lounges.


  • Streamlined event planning process with improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Cost-efficient ticketing system without commissions, ensuring instant payouts.
  • Effective event promotion through customizable website, email campaigns, and social banners.