Everything you need to keep manufacturing

We build Computer applications that will improve your production efficiency.

At OMD, We build applications to solve your greatest production challenges.

Like traditional manufacturing solutions, OMD gives manufacturers real-time visibility of their operations.
Unlike traditional solutions, ROI takes days, not months or years.

We listen, understand what is the problem statement and then write tailor-made solutions only for you.

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Why choose us ?

Data Focused Applications

Majorly applications that are designed by OMD for manufacturing setup provide data points and analytics that will foster strategic level decisions

Sales focused Apps

At OMD, we design software applications that focus on retaining your ongoing clientele not only by managing their existing products but also that can cross-sell and upsell based on their needs and requirements

Quality focused

Specifically for the companies that focus on implementing lean manufacturing practices into their processes, we provide a solution that is ideal for the production of quality products minimizing of idle capacity at which they operate

Subject Matter Experts

Whatever manufacturing challenge you are facing, Our experts are trained to identify the pain points, break them into requirements convert them to function and provide tailor-made solutions

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Data is everything